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Why do you think the short story market is so tricky and what do you think can be done to overcome or challenge the pessimism found lurking behind the reserve of many publishers?


There are competitions which can propel interesting new voices to prominence. There are opportunities to get published in anthologies, there are beautifully produced magazines with great stories. These all have worth. What lacks is a wider audience for short story collections. Poke they eyes of online book retailers until they all have a searchable category for short stories.

Writers Dozen of Short Stories - eBook - inmimitlambcu.tk

So make it easy for me. Bookshops should give up some real estate on their shelves for a short story section. Poetry gets space. So do plays. Even literary criticism. So why not short fiction? Short story specials in newspapers and magazines are great. Commission new work. Give more consideration to short story authors.

The Short Story Interview: KM Elkes

Short stories should be a central part of the school curriculum and children should be encouraged to write short fiction until a much later age. More short stories for young adults. More places for young writers to get published. Encourage more diversity. Much, much more diversity. We need different voices talking about different experiences of the world. The short story community needs to blow its own trumpet, and loudly, in the direction of literary festivals so they put more short story writers and events on their programmes.

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Journalists should stop writing about either a. The death of the short story or b. The renaissance of the short story. Come on people, play a new tune. What I would say, more generally, is word count cannot be the only criteria of worth. After all, would we say that great poems are generally between 10 and 20 stanzas, or that great novels are generally , words?

GG: As an ex-literature major, I admit I was once snobby about books. I only read what is known as literary fiction for decades.

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It took me a while to realize that was a big mistake. Now I read everything, well, almost everything.

Curiosity Never Killed the Writer

Atwood was also born in Ottawa, by the way, three years after my mother was born there, so that might be one of the reasons I enjoy her. She grew up in the same place and time period as my mother. Alice Munro grew up not far from Ottawa, too and in a similar time period.

Both of these writers influence me to this day. To this day I wonder if she ever read her courtesy copy and noticed my story. SP: There are some scary moments in No Entry.

How to Write a Short Story - Writing a Good Short Story Step-by-Step

Did you struggle with how graphic to write the discovery of the poached elephant scene or the violent scene with the poachers? GG: Yes. They will be the most affected by animal extinction and we, as adults, have a responsibility to tell them. Alec and the crew at the Anthill have been there to give voice to their musings on China, in all its weirdness, wonder and warts.

The Anthill colony of writers have the foresight to write theirs down for the entertainment and enlightenment of all of us engaged in putting the pieces of the China puzzle together.

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