The Ghost: Adventures of a Young Scientist

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Best Paranormal TV group in the world at this point. Parent Written by treat02 March 2, Very strong language. It is more funny than scary. Aaron is constantly overreacting, Zac is always saying something like it is all that or something, Nick is not that bad. I don't get how its all "demonic visits". Why not spirits that are good residual haunters? Demons are in every single one of them. One time they went to the Winchester house and they didn't investigate. They just tried to get a bunch of "demonic spirits that are attached to them" to come there.

I don't think this is a good series. Adult Written by yamomma October 26, Too much bad language Way too much bad language. Even with the bleeps we know what they are saying. I stopped watching it.


They need to clean up the language. Now I watch Ghost Hunters. Adult Written by lehi July 17, Your child's teacher recommends, "Just Say NO! THIS is what you have your kids watch in their spare time? This is absolute over the top garbage. OMG go read a book, ride your bike, get a hobby. This is cotton candy for the brain. There has GOT to be something better for your children to watch on T. Let's parent up and help our kids make better choices. The fact that so many seem to like this silly show makes me a little sad.

This title contains: Language.

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Parent of a 15 year old Written by mememem January 30, They are exactly that for entertaining purposes. Imagine being a electrician and having to turn the main power switch off at a home. You would be taught to do this yourself so you know it was done and not get yourself electricuted. Well the same is with the Ghost Adventures.

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What these guys are doing is not an exact science. The only way to believe what you are seeing is to be there yourself and witness these phenomenon. For instance these EMF devices are really neat and stuff but, if you left one out for an hour and watched it the readings would go up and down on their own without being touched. The odd thing here is that the human body gives off electricity. Why are they looking for Bigfoot! And they wrote it up for their site. Jason Colavito has a post relevant to this, which I just commented on.

Read e-book The Ghost: Adventures of a Young Scientist

As I ask in the comments: Is it really that much cheaper to make this stuff than even the most basic filler documentaries? Why do people like this stuff? Sharon has written about the convention business before, that this is where paranormal tv stars make their money with panels, autographs, and merchandise. But is it really that much money?

Enough for people to chase as hard as they do? Especially since unlike say acting or music or any of the performing arts, there is no career path here. People like mystery. I wonder, though, why they hunt for ghosts instead, of say, working police cold cases. Every town has a cold case file — in big cities the police file on cold cases is usually out on the web.

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If you like roaming around the woods looking for something spine-tingling, you could hunt for missing persons. People do that too, and I think there probably is overlap between the two communities. You get that with famous cases the Black Dahlia comes to mind, but there are plenty of others , and it usually just seems to be breeding ground for conspiracy theory, and the potential for clouding potential evidence. The grand-daddy of them all being the JFK assassination. The problem is, several have been found there over the years, so now what do you do with it?

All sorts of issues with chain of evidence, data collecting, etc.. As much as I like the amateur sleuth idea, it just seems like it would inevitably produce some awful results even worse than the occasional ghost hunters getting hit by a train or falling through a rotted floor. This is an issue we face in archaeology, as there is a whole community of amateur enthusiasts who find artifacts who are neither professional archaeologists, nor mercantile looters aiming their goods primarily at the market but sometimes are involved in the trade.

Some archaeologists find it valuable to work with avocationals because they know where sites are, or have good if less-than-provenienced examples of artifacts. A similar dynamic is much hairier in for example Latin America, where some scholars who are interested in just the painted iconography on pottery vessels or carvings and inscriptions on stone tablets are willing to work with collectors who do buy from looters who bring them the best complete pieces [as well as fakes], a practice anathema to more excavation-focused archaeologists.

Other archaeologists only view avocational diggers or fieldwalkers as the enemy destroying the archaeological record, and note that there is not a firm wall between some avocational collectors and the looting world, even though there are efforts in the avocational world to erect one. And that gets us back to the ghost thing. I am of the opinion, and this is just an opinion based on somewhat informed guesswork, not hard directed research, that the upswing in paranormal interest roughly mirrors religiosity and particularly politicized Christianity in the US and that ghosthunting, the rise of paranormal explanations in non-supernatural paranormality UFOs and crypto , and particularly the explosion of tying these topics to alternative archaeology are reflections of a larger antiscience movement.

A glance at the history of ghost hunting, which moved from academic and pseudoacademic parapsychology labs in the midth century to exuberantly populist ghosthunting groups increasingly citing demons rather than stone tapes or psychokinesis focused more on local stories and on media success than on scientific and scholarly discovery, also reflects this. Pseudosciences are not, IMO, heretic branches of science in most cases. But they are good indicators of popular ideas about science, and easier to fully examine away from biases of entanglement with existing institutions. If for no other reason and there are plenty , the scholarly world needs to pay attention to pseudoscience for this self-interested reason.

They know that doing it the cheap with the gullible and the foolish, has more chance of making a buck than an expensive show with scientists, psychologists and real critical thinkers. For a start, from the outset the professionals and academics would rule out the format, no way can the show leap to any paranormal explanation until all avenues are examined. Now in the UK ASSAP are introducing some kind of paranormal investigation qualification to make the amateurs feel full-grown investigators. I think courses like that say it all, that mainstream REAL and professional scientists and critical thinkers have no interest in a topic that is, essentially, bunk.

They mean well and are trying the best they can but how did they learn any science? Our society does not encourage it. Our pop culture encourages hype and drama and speculation. View 2 comments. Sep 26, Jean rated it really liked it. Whether you're interested in the paranormal or not Zak tells his experiences and beliefs with genuine spirit and integrity. He's a pleasant adventurous young man with a passion for the paranormal and it shows.

My only criticism I guess it that I was hoping for some new experiences Nice first outing. Dec 29, Sean Kennedy rated it did not like it.

Scientific Evidence and Proof That Ghosts Exist

My hopes for this book were pretty low to begin with - Bagans comes across as annoyingly frat-boyish on his show, and I was hoping that maybe in his writing he would come across less so. This book is really just a rehash of events that happened on his TV show, but without any additional info or storytelling. Little tidbits about his life off the show are tantalising but once again little on detail.

I'm not expecting him to recount his whole personal journal, but a little personal info and pe My hopes for this book were pretty low to begin with - Bagans comes across as annoyingly frat-boyish on his show, and I was hoping that maybe in his writing he would come across less so.

I'm not expecting him to recount his whole personal journal, but a little personal info and personality would go a long way. Not that it factored into my review at all, but Kindle readers may find the book badly formattted. For me at least the 'text boxes' throughout the book repeated the first third of them and cut off the end. Don't know what went wrong there but I reported it to Amazon. Jun 26, Casimiro rated it it was ok. If you are a fan of Ghost Adventures and Zak Bagans, this is almost a must read. I like the show totally entertaining and Zak is a Looking back This is not a very well written book, and if you're already familiar with the paranormal and its related theories, it's not very informative either.

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What it is though, is an interesting look into a man that verges on being a narcissist and egomaniac I love Zak Bagans for that! The book was kind of like a train wreck that I couldn't tear myself away from. Final thought Buy it used, read it, and enjoy the wreck. Feb 22, Doreen Petersen rated it it was amazing Shelves: paranormal. The paranormal is a very controversial topic for many people.

That being said I personally feel that there are things we as humans and science don't fully understand and can't be explained by conventional means. However you feel about this topic I think this is well worthwhile reading. Jan 14, Cornerofmadness rated it liked it Shelves: true-hauntings. A few caveats about this review: 1. I read this book because my brother wanted to me.