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Ulver - Like Music Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Real friends. Real you. InShot Inc. Featured by Google. I did it, though, and as a result I won the talent category for the night beating out five other big movie star types, including the wonderful William Shatner. I would not have had this wonderful experience if I had not been flexible. One day my people came to me and told me about a young woman they called Lady Gaga , who nobody had ever heard of. We put her on as the entertainer in the middle of the pageant, which is broadcast internationally.

I thought, 'Wow, she is really, really good.

Everybody was talking about how good Lady Gaga was… Well, she became a big star and maybe she became a star because I put her on the Miss Universe Pageant. It's very possible…. When you lead an organisation or a business, you, like a conductor, must take charge and exercise control. How well your people perform is your responsibility, direction flows from the top, and you're the maestro. Imagine if each orchestra member set his or her own pace and played at his or her own speed.

It would be a cacophony, an ear-shattering mess, a disaster.

I Like Music

I was one of those people in the early 90s… It was not unlike what happened to Frank Sinatra in the early 50s. Like me, he lost focus. He took his eye off the ball and he made some bad decisions. Also like me, it was beautiful women that had a little something to do with his troubles, but that is another story for another time. Or if Elton John was happy to just sing for himself in a garage somewhere?

There's nothing wrong with bringing your talents to the surface. Having an ego and acknowledging it is a healthy choice. This ex- Beatle is one of the greatest musical stars of our time. He has sold millions and millions of records and become a millionaire many times over… Then his wife Linda died of breast cancer, and he married Heather Mills.

Who ever heard of Heather Mills?

What Type of Music Do Pets Like?

Larry King said, 'Sir Paul, are you going to have a pre-nuptial agreement? This guy's a schmuck Whatever works for you is the best choice, as long as it's not self-destructive or destructive to others. That's why I like golf…. That action alone is a breath of fresh air - even if it's office air - and helps me see things creatively or in a new light.

I know that some people find music or exercise does that for them, but for me it's golf.

After reviewing the results of thousands of interviews, Greenberg and his team found the Type E thinkers tended to like low energy songs with emotional depth, including sad songs, and genres like soft rock and singer-songwriters. Type B personalities tended to display a broader range of preferences than either of the other types, not surprisingly. Type S thinkers, conversely, tended to prefer more intense and structured music like heavy metal — or classical music in the avant-garde vein.

An interesting study by researchers from Yale and the Hebrew University found that current moods affect the choice of music we listen to.

In particular, the study found that depressed people tend to seek out and listen to sad music, which seems counter-intuitive on the surface. After all, it seems more logical to listen to upbeat music to dispel a bad mood. Subjects of the controlled study, who had all been diagnosed with depression, were asked about their choices, and the majority said the sad music made them feel calmer and more relaxed.

Back in , an Ohio State professor hypothesized that, for some subjects, listening to sad music produced the hormone prolactin, which is usually released by the pituitary gland. Prolactin is known to induce feelings of calmness and relaxation.

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Other research also points to the involvement of the hormone oxytocin, which some studies have linked to listening to slow, mellow music. The results vary from person to person. The question is, why do some people release those hormones when listening to music, while other people do not? On the level of neurobiology, some evidence seems to suggest that Type E people have a larger than average hypothalamic region in the brain, which is the area governing the pituitary gland and prolactin secretion.

In Type S personalities, the evidence suggests that the areas of the brain that regulate analytic thought, the cingulate and dorsal medial prefrontal areas, are larger.


Do musical preferences reside in our very brain structures? Other research has found a link between general personality types and genre preferences. Under the Five Factor Model of analyzing personality types, which also includes conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism, those who are open to new experiences tend to prefer classical music, along with blues, jazz, and folk music.