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Frenchman to sue Buckingham Palace: hotelier claims Royal descent

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Guide Coveted Seed 8: Sue Bites

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Anna Fock. On every street and in every single space between houses it is packed with little tables set up by vendors who sell just about anything.

Multi Seed Crisps ~ Homemade Vegan Crackers

It is a total chaotic mess downtown and there are people everywhere. As we drive around, I notice that there are no tourists around Usually the downtown market area is where you find many curious tourists taking pictures of the local daily lives of the people of that country but not here! I guess it is partly due to the fact that after 12 years of a bloody civil war, people learned that they must arm themselves to survive and most of them have some kind of firearm.

A little disturbing! Aside from serious poverty, this is one of the reasons why this country is considered one of the most dangerous places to visit on this earth. Raphael explains that recently, most of the crimes are committed between 2 rival youth gangs which both originated in LA. Miraculously, we finish our tour alive at sunset and have dinner in the hotel. The car we will be riding around in for next two days, however, is a small red BMW. I guess they were not joking about everybody here being armed here! The whole area is still being excavated and only a very small portion of the vast ruin is actually unearthed and being exhibited.

There were cashew nut trees around the area and the local guide picked a red fruit from the tree for us which, if you have never seen a cashew tree, had the actual nuts seed on the outside of the fruit almost like a pumpkin vine stub. The dark man has returned.

Now he's going to make Sue so much more than she ever was. But with this new change comes more appetite. How will Sue satisfy. VERY juicy. It did not taste like anything I have tasted before. There are street vendors selling various items while horse carriages and donkeys are lazily walking around. There are all kinds of food vendors around the park cooking colorful local foods. This is a sandwich the size of your head basically. While Raphael and I sipped strong Salvadorian coffee in a beautiful backyard atria of the gift shop, Kenro quickly finished his walking tour of Ataco.

My man likes to walk! The final stop today was the pyramid of Tazumal. This tiny pyramid is quite unimpressive. The girl, not the pyramid! Although she looked like she was only 17 years old, we find out that she has an 8 years old daughter. Ironically, we end up having a dinner in a Benihana restaurant where, even in El Salvador, they still do the shrimp tail into the chef hat trick…does one EVER get tired of that? I would say, YES!

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This was an ancient volcano but now it has a trail within the woods to show us the peaceful nature of El Salvador. The place is also right next to the very active volcano of Santa Ana aka Ilamatepec which caused 5 deaths and the destruction of the surrounding coffee plants in There is also another volcano, Mount Izalco i-saruko , on the other side. If you are athletic, there is about a 4 hour trek which will take you to the top of this very bold sandy dead volcano.

This trail starts at the bottom and leads straight up to the top. Everyday at 11am, participants gather at a vista point and start climbing with a park ranger. Later in the day, we see a few people climbing slowly from the distance. They looked like little fleas perched on a huge sand mountain at the beach.

This is a Lake Tahoe of El Salvador. Big beautiful houses of the rich stand along the shores facing the crystal clear water of this Crater Lake.

Ratings and reviews

We have lunch on at empty houseboat restaurant on the water while a local fisherman swims around looking for fish to spear. It is getting so hot I wished I brought my swim trunk with me.

follow site After lunch we visit the town of Santa Ana. There is a cathedral facing the square but the main attraction of this town is the old National Theater where operas from Europe played in its heyday. It is in the middle of renovations but tourists are welcomed to roam around freely.

Since there is no security, we walk all over the place from the top of the theater to the basement under the stage, seeing everything. Sue seemed interested in it because she could compare the various points of theater set-up with those of the Metropolitan Opera House in NY where she worked as a Diva Double for 5 years.

After the tour, we go back to the car and try to work get the AC to work but it stopped working this afternoon and it stayed that way. We stop at a small souvenir market before we return to the hotel. Sue said it was good although, being from NY; we are spoiled by some of the best restaurants in the world so it takes a lot to impress us. We say goodbye to Raphael at the airport. Thanks to him, we finished the tour of his country safely and leave without scratch.

He was well worth it too. Right before we catch our flight, I finally find a restaurant that serves Pupusa at the airport! This is a museum of year old ancient foot prints preserved under volcanic ashes. Sue tells me she kept feeling sorry about the thick hairs on her arms, legs and upper lip in that heat.